Embracing Five Decades of Excellence: The Legacy of Carroll Estates

February 9, 2024by carrollestates

In 1972, Bernie Carroll had just completed a Business degree at UCD, which followed his earlier graduation as an engineer from UCG.


As an enthusiastic young man, with a head full of ambition and a personality that was brimming with action, Bernie set out to make his mark on the world.


It didn’t take long for Bernie to get started and it was evident from the beginning that he preferred nothing better than being outdoors applying his skills on a construction site, rather than planning from an office desk. It was in this way, 50 years ago that the seed for Carroll Estates was sown.


In time Bernie married his life partner Deirdre and between them raised their two daughters Roisin and Shauna. Bernie loved and still loves being a dad and always included his young daughters in many a discussion at the dinner table, about what he was doing and how his day went.


As Bernie continued to grow the business, he was always mindful of getting the balance right. This often included days out with his young girls mixed in with a quick visit to one of the construction sites, making sure everything was running as smoothly as it should. The girls never complained and simply saw it as one great big adventure. Whenever they went, they were forever asking questions and showed a natural interest in what their dad was working at.





“Roisin & Shauna were only kids when we were developing the business, and I know their interest in the business started then; as they grew up visiting the building sites and experiencing the actual construction, they developed an authentic and inquisitive interest”

Bernie Carroll, Founder 


Years later, as both daughters grew up, Roisin went on to study Marketing & Management in college, graduating with an honours degree, and after a few years working in the corporate world, ventured into her own property development business, experiencing the intricacies of land acquisition, planning permissions, and construction.


Shauna, in turn went on to study Business & Law at UCD and later completed a post Grad in Interior Design before developing her skillset across several design roles. Shauna joined Carroll Estates in 2009 at the height of the economic downturn.


While never explicitly in their plans, both Roisin & Shauna gravitated towards Carroll Estates.


“It was never the plan to join the family business. Although I grew up on building sites as a kid, Shauna and I started our careers in different areas; I was working in a marketing department in a Bank originally, but what really interested me was the refurbishment of older properties, I started my own business which eventually evolved into property development, this brought me closer to the family business as I was working adjacent to Carroll Estates.”

Roisin Carroll, Sales Manager


By 2017, both Roisin and Shauna had transitioned into full-time roles within the Carroll Estates team, setting the trajectory for where the business is today. While both women have a strong knowledge of all facets of construction, Roisin distinguished herself in sales, while Shauna found her forte in the planning and design aspect of the business.


“I grew up seeing Dad’s work ethic, his kindness, his love for what he did, and I was extremely proud of all that. I was also very aware that he built the business from the ground up and I wondered what might happen to the business after Dad. My compulsion was to continue to ensure that Carroll Estates was set for sustainable success. I now know I was always destined to be part of the long term future of Carroll Estates”

Shauna Carroll, Design Manager



Bernie often acknowledges that Carroll Estates wouldn’t be where it is today without the considerable contribution of his wife Deirdre and his family. Deirdre has been ever present for Carroll Estates, with her unique brand of encouragement, influence and support, and the business is extremely grateful and appreciative for the role Deirdre plays.


Indeed, the very cornerstone of Carroll Estates is built upon the enduring legacy of a family business, with a rich history now proudly spanning over 50 years. It is a legacy that embodies the essence of steadfast commitment, work ethic, values and resilience.


Eight members of the immediate and extended Carroll family have woven their effort and hearts into the tapestry of the Carroll Estates heritage. A heritage which is comprised of integrity, family values, commitment to the customer, employee well-being and local impact.


Anticipating the next 50 years, Bernie is confident that the legacy of Carroll Estates is secure in the hands of a committed and trusted team. With a clearly defined path to success in the years ahead, Bernie believes the next generation can achieve whatever they set their minds to.


“The company has a great structure, brilliant people and all the skills required to go forward in the coming years, we learned some harsh lessons in the collapse of the late 2000’s, and this experience will stand us in good stead for the coming chapters of the Carroll Estates story”

Bernie Carroll, Founder


Shauna & Roisin are extremely proud to have been entrusted with writing the next instalment of the Carroll Estates story, adding to the heritage of their family business, and together with the loyal and committed Carroll Estates team, look forward with great pride and dedication as they build on Bernie Carroll’s legacy in the years ahead..



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