About Carroll Estates

Carroll Estates is a family business that has been shaping vibrant communities across Dublin for the past fifty years. For over five decades, Bernard Carroll and his family have been constructing high-quality homes for families like yours.

Desirable Locations

Our estate locations have been carefully selected.


Energy Efficient

Energy efficient homes using the latest techniques and materials.


Healthy Houses

Technology and attention to cleanliness combine in each of our homes.


High Quality Homes

Our homes are constructed to the highest construction standards.

About Carroll Estates

When we refer to ourselves as a family business, we’re not exaggerating.No fewer than 5 members of the Carroll family have worked in the business, with a singular mission of delivering best-in-class homes and excellent customer service all along the purchase journey.

What sets us apart at Carroll Estates is our thoughtful and detailed approach to building homes and developments. Quite simply, we deliver the highest quality end product for our clients, and we are on a continuous journey towards being best in class at what we do.

We appreciate that you’re not just buying a property – you’re also paying for our expertise and guidance as you make this major financial and emotional commitment. From the initial sales process to helping you move in and following up in the after math of that move with a great post-purchase service, we make your journey as painless as possible, ensuring that this special time in your life is that bit extra-special.

Even given the reputation for quality that we’ve built up over the last 50 years, we never rest on our laurels and look to improve every single day. As you can see from Our Heritage, our work stands the test of time and we look forward to building on success over the next fifty years!


About Carroll EstatesOur Team


About Carroll EstatesOur Mission


About Carroll EstatesOur Mission

About Carroll EstatesOur Heritage


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