Celebrating 50 years in business, Carroll Estates’ greatest asset is our people

May 24, 2024by carrollestates

In Carroll Estates, we strive for excellence in every facet of our business. To achieve excellence, we partner with our team members to create an environment where people enjoy their work and have the support and encouragement to develop not only as professionals but also as people.


Alongside the company celebrating 50 years in business this year, Carroll Estates also has three team members who are celebrating 20 years working with the company: Gary Plunkett, Olly Cawley and Ken Smyth.


In the words of longstanding member of the Carroll Estates team and Construction Manager Gary Plunkett:

“It’s been both a pleasure and a rewarding challenge working for Carroll Estates over the last 20 years. I have developed and grown alongside the company. It has not only become a huge part of my life, but it is also a part of my identity. I look forward to continue developing and contributing to the company’s growth over the next two decades!”


When we put the same question to each of our colleagues of 20 years or more: ‘Why do you think you have remained here with us in Carroll Estates for so long?’ the answers were unanimous: “We like it here, the work is good, the people are good, the support is great, and we are treated like one of the family.”



Each of these members of our team began their Carroll Estates journey in a similar fashion. What presented itself as a standard meeting with the “Boss” to determine if they were a cultural fit became a long-term fruitful relationship that has endured. Bernie Carroll, a strategist at heart, approached each potential candidate as he does his construction projects, with the future in mind.


Back in 2004, Gary was persuaded to meet Bernie by a “friend” of Carroll Estates, his father, and after just one conversation, he decided that he wanted to become part of the Carroll Estates family. This “from the gut” decision has led Gary through various positions from Site Manager to his current role of Construction Manager at Carroll Estates HQ today.


In a similar manner, Site Manager Olly Cawley, recalls his first meeting with Bernie.

“I remember the construction company I was working for at the time was moving to another location. There were no buses to get you there and I had no car, so I was faced with a problem. I spoke to my manager, and he suggested I meet with Bernie Carroll, as he may have something nearer my home. I took his advice and met with Bernie and here I am 20 years later, proud to be part of a crew that has built so many homes in that time.”


Olly started off as a Teleport driver in 2004 and worked his way to the position of Site Manager. He educated and developed himself, with the support of Carroll Estates, and is now responsible for managing medium-sized developments from Malahide to Rush to Bettystown.


Ken Smyth joined the team back in 2004 working alongside Gary and Olly. His first role was as a General Operative. After constantly progressing over time by taking on various challenges, Ken was promoted to his current role of Assistant Site Manager.


Ken says:

“Despite all the challenges that Carroll Estates has experienced, what hasn’t changed is the approach. You are always encouraged to grow. You are always challenged. You are always supported. You are always included, and you are always treated with respect just like a member of the family. Carroll Estates is a family business and I for one love being part it.”



As Bernie Carroll would often say: “You get out what you put in!” … and that is especially true of people. Carroll Estates are only as good as its people, and we believe that our team are great people. We will continue to challenge all our teams to grow, develop and keep pace with the ever-changing and challenging environment.


We take great pride in the outstanding team at Carroll Estates, especially as they are part of the fabric of who we are as a business. As Carroll Estates expands, our mission for our colleagues remains the same. Our philosophy is based on four core concepts: Engage, Empower, Enjoy and Excel.


We will keep our team engaged; we will empower our team to grow to ensure they continue to enjoy their daily work. Excellence is our goal.

We look forward to the next 20 years! Bring it on!



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